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Well, here we go again – the seasons have come around but this year we had a wet winter.  Not flooding but consistently moist.  And it appears that we planted potatoes in April and totally forgot about them.  I’m a bit pleased about that because the Victorian floods seem to have inflated the price of potatoes to nearly $3kg (thought I’d put that in there for historians in the years to come).

So having relocated the potato patch that we forgot about, gave no attention or water, we decided that it was time to dig them and voila’ as they say.  Went down there with one bucket and ended up going back for more.  And more.

At least one of the potatoes weighed over a kilo on its own.  Not sure why these did so well.  Ordinarily I would say fresh ground but it wasn’t.  All I can put it down to was the extra water that we don’t usually have over the winter.

Of course, it has destroyed the mango flowers but I guess we all want to eat potatoes a lot more than mangos.  And in the supermarket in August, they trotted out last season’s potatoes that had been cold stored, sold them very cheaply (before the price rise) and they sprouted like mad.  So every day of the last 6 weeks, we have been planting the sprouted bits of the supermarket potatoes in the morning after I cut them off the potatoes we had for tea.  Some of these are already knee high and I have high hopes of them.  It was the perfect staggered planting to keep up digging fresh potatoes all through summer.

Despite being terrifically lazy, I have good snake beans coming on for summer and some butter beans so I’m feeling optimistic about future tea times.  If only I had a pen full of fat piggies, I would be ecstatic.