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Onions is onions

Onions is onions

To know one’s onions.  As sure as eggs are eggs.  Two fabulous and interchangeable sayings that are probably unique to the English language.

But is any meal complete without onions?  I have to say no, both from a culinary aspect and from a nutritional aspect.  Onions contain sulphur which allows the body to use amino acids.  So therefore, all meat meals need onions.  And virtually everything else.

Luckily they store so well, both dry stored and pickled.

But I read on the internet (where else) that you could regrow onions.  So every onion you cut for a meal, cut the root end off with about 2cm of flesh and just pop into the soil to regrow.

As you can see, these sprouted good green leaves in double quick time.  They just shoot up from the base within a week to ten days and keep growing from there.

I’ve yet to see if they form an onion base or how long this takes.  But I’m positive that they might do this.  I grew a beautiful onion in a load of horse poo that I threw on the garden one day.  I’m not sure how it got there but I’m thinking that some kitchen scraps may have been thrown in with the stable trash.

As they grow leaves, I have to assume that they form roots.  I’ll move the ones with leaves into a more permanent garden and leave the boxes just outside the kitchen so I can pop out with the onions bases anytime I’m cooking.  It doesn’t matter if they dry out for a day or two before you plant them.

Ultimately, once I have built up the prerequisite number of onions for my household and I have some idea of how long the new fruit will take to form, I should theoretically never have to buy another onion.  It also gives me a chance to grow some speciality onions like the Spanish red and I will only have to buy a few and keep recycling them, rather than having to try and source them and pay the extra when I want them.

Up until now I have bought exclusively brown onions because of their better storage but I can see me diverging into a sweet white onion.  Well, hoping for the best and remember, things are always worth a try at least.