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I mean, seriously, why?  Eggplant seems to taste like nothing on a good day and on a bad day, its bitter.  But my lovely neighbour grew them so I will persevere.

All sorts of cooking techniques are used to make it eatable but my favourite eggplant dish is deep fried in batter with guacamole dressing.  Obviously, I like deep fried batter and guacamole.  I’ve also used this technique on choko which is another vegetable that tastes like nothing but sort of in a good way, especially roasted with beef.

So above you see in the jam jars (recycled) eggplant which has been bottled with pepper, chilli, bay, thyme and preserved in good olive oil.  Behind in the vacola jars is the eggplant which is processed in apple cider vinegar and sealed for shelf storage.  To the right is the eggplant which I’m about to put in the dehydrator to make eggplant chips.  These chips can be rehydrated by boiling in water for five minutes.  And to the left, some bottled tomato sauce, as referred to in the earlier post – just to show off.

After about a month to season and age the eggplant preserved in oil, we will test it.  But I’m betting that they will all taste like what I put in the bottles.  Maybe I’m missing the point and the purpose of eggplant is to carry flavour or bulk out a meal.

Whichever, I’m nearly done with them unless the dehydrated works like a charm.