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Lock the Gate!  Yes, I know this is originally about the anti-fracking movement. 

But I have reworked it to be an inspiration to every person who has been led to believe that any domestic focus is unfair to themselves and a burden to others.

Full employment, especially of women was espoused after World War 2 when western governments realised that they had spent an awful lot of money on making the world safe for democracy and that expanding employment, especially to women effectively doubled their tax base.  As a result, the Women’s Liberation Movement, in particular wanting equality in the workplace, played right into their hands and the subtle brainwashing of society to demean domestic employment started.

I totally support the ability for people to chose whether they are in paid employment or not.  But there has to be a choice.  Not overt encouragement to book your unborn child into daycare before due date and scurry back to the 9 – 5 because of some tenuous career ideal.  People who have one of a couple working full time in the domestic sphere are now considered to be a) oppressed b) wealthy or c) incomprehensible.  And I frequently hear girls saying that they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t go to work.  Well, you could relax a little and consume a bit less maybe as well as be available in the many care roles that someone in the community has to fulfil.  And support your partner.  Swap roles maybe with a couple of years at home and a couple at work for each partner.  Or some other imaginative solution that honestly takes into account the needs of both the adult and the children.

I am lucky to have some space at my place which encourages projects of all sorts.  But I would like to institute my “lock the gate” campaign where I stay within the property boundaries for a set time, say six or twelve months.  Just to prove that existence is just as meaningful as one where I am running out the door and down the road five days out of seven.

Let me know what you think.