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My new triumph – leftover pie.  Made with layers of chicken, turkey, roast veg and some added onion and herbs. 

It looks very much like the photo but a close look would show that this is a photo of a cherry pie – not leftover pie.

This is because I always mean to take photos before I eat but I guess that I’m just not that kinda gal.  I’m just happy to get food on the table at about the right time and stopping to take photos really isn’t my bag.

Pastry, either savoury or sweet, is super easy.  It just takes a bit of mucking around to roll it out and it makes leftovers a bit more special.  Served with potato mash and green beans, it has disguised the fact that we have been noshing down on the same leftovers since Christmas day.

Seriously though, I now have leftovers of leftover pie and I’m totally confused as to what to do with that.  Logically, there must be an end to leftovers sometime.  Its not like they are student cooking of curried veg. 

Did you ever live in a student share house where they do a big pot of curried veg, eat several serves, add some water, add some veg and go around again?  The best student foods have been handed down from occupant to occupant for probably generations.  I figure that they are an encouragement to graduate and move out.  So the poultry will have to become acquainted with xmas leftovers at some stage.