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The willy wagtails are back in the tree that I can see from my office desk.

They were there last year and we kept each other company through the storms and rain and bright days.

I have a particular esteem for the urban birds – the sparrows and pigeons, wagtails and swallows that quite happily exist and rear young in the middle of the city in any little spot.  They are such game little things, adapting to people and traffic and not only surviving but thriving.  I know where their nests are and I stop and talk to them when I am doing my work jobs.  Luckily, where I work, it is not strange to see people standing around the street talking to the sky with no real reason behind that.  I just blend into the background.

But I think that my love of these birds are because they give a living example of how the highest talent is surviving in any situation and learning to make the best of it.  What is the point of living in gated communities or taking to the hills of Nevada in a bunker when you have this example of survival to keep us inspired everyday.

And pigeons, I know where you nest.  And you look yummy.